Academic & Supportive Programs


Broome Street Academy prepares all students to graduate prepared for a successful life post high school, including those that may be at or above grade level, those with special needs, English Language Learners, and those with difficult life situations. Broome Street Academy offers many team-taught classes, where two certified teachers offer differentiated instruction based on student needs. Special education staff also provide small-group and one-on-one instruction for students in need. Regents exam preparation is incorporated throughout the school year to support students in preparing for the New York State-wide exams.

Supportive Services

All students have access to BSA’s wealth of supportive services both in-school and in partnership with The Door. Our team of Social Workers is available to support students in need with issues that arise both in and out of school. BSA Social Workers collaborate with external case workers as needed, as well as support students in accessing needed programs at The Door, including counseling groups, health services, and more.


At the heart of BSA’s program is The CHAMPION Model©. The purpose of The CHAMPION Model© is to ensure that each student has a strong personal connection with at least one BSA staff member. A positive connection with an adult can have tremendous benefits that include less bullying, lower drop-out rates, and improved social emotional capacities. The CHAMPION Model© supports both students with ‘loud’ behavior issues as well as students with ‘quiet’ problems like depression, anxiety or loneliness that might slip under the radar. CHAMPIONS are able to tailor their meetings and processes to the needs of their student group to ensure each student gets what they need most.  CHAMPIONS act as an additional layer of support in ensuring students’ academic, social and emotional needs are met.

Post Graduation Planning

BSA’s guidance department ensures students are preparing for life post-high school as soon as they start freshman year at BSA. Students have access to career and college exploration programming as underclassmen, while upperclassmen work with the Transition Counselor to create goals and plans for life after graduation. Students looking to enter the workforce can enroll in Coop Tech where they spend part of their time learning a trade while completing their academic requirements at BSA. As part of the College Now program, eligible BSA students also have access to college courses in their senior year.