Broome Street Academy has not allowed being remote to limit our ability to ensure that our students start and finish the school year with the best educational experience, student support system and resources possible.

This year Broome Street Academy (BSA) has successfully launched remote learning, virtual after school clubs, internship programs, and community events. BSA has hosted virtual tutoring, weekly caregiver training on technological platforms, monthly caregiver meetings, inclusive schools week events, Hispanic Heritage Month events, a Biden/Harris inauguration watch party event and so much more!

Broome Street Academy is in the process of launching its Career and Technical Education sequence as we are officially a Virtual Enterprise School. Broome Street Academy students have the opportunity to learn about the world of business and study, accounting, economics, entrepreneurship and to graduate with a CTE endorsement.

Broome Street Academy is excited to get back to modified in person instruction on Monday, April 19, and we look forward to closing out the year with an in person prom and graduation for our class of 2021, safely!

As an inclusive school community BSA is committed to providing NYC students with a high quality education. Together with families we are focused providing our students with academic rigor, student voice and character skills needed to choose their futures in college and their communities.