Overview: Broome Street Academy is partnered with The Door, a nationally renowned youth services organization, to provide a unique model that seamlessly integrates a rigorous academic curriculum and youth development services all under one roof. The school serves as a national model for addressing the needs of all students, especially those in need of additional support.

Broome Street Academy values:

  • Partnership with Caregivers
  • Growth Mindset
  • Collegial feedback
  • Relevant, standards-based curriculum
  • Data-Driven instruction
  • Cultural Responsiveness

The Dean of Students will support student learning and instruction by upholding the Student Code of Conduct while also working in a highly visible leadership capacity to coordinate an academically rigorous professional learning community.The Dean of Students will play an active role in monitoring and tracking students’ compliance with the BSA Code of Conduct both inside and outside of the classroom. This involves taking initiative to support teachers as they address behavior problems, empowering students in positive engagement strategies, and contributing to the learning experience in the classroom. The Dean of Students will support all disciplinary matters, including tracking and managing school-wide interventions, detentions, suspensions, and caregiver interactions as they relate to discipline during and after school in collaboration with the Door.

The Dean of Students also contributes greatly to the academic success of our students. The goal of grade-level cohorts is to develop and maintain a supportive, productive, and professional academic team focused on the academic success and overall wellness of a single grade level of students. The Dean of Students is responsible for coordinating these meetings on a regular basis, creating and designing grade-specific initiatives, and building a culture focused on promotion and graduation of BSA students. In addition to working with teachers, the Dean of Students is responsible for communicating grade level expectations to students and caregivers. Furthermore, the Dean of Students will help to create a calm and supportive tone in the school by ensuring consistency in daily operations. They will implement and support best practices for teaching and learning by promoting inquiry-based practices designed to increase student achievement and celebrate High Quality Student Work.


  • Model strong instructional presence through the teaching of a minimum of one section of class instruction per day
  • Collaborate with grade-level staff to develop and communicate high expectations for students and staff to develop a positive school culture focused on academic rigor, specifically through advocacy programming
  • Collect and manage the use school-wide documentation and data systems (e.g. PowerSchool, Google forms) to develop rigorous grade level communication of student progress
  • Build strong relationships with instructional leadership, guidance counselors, social workers, and college advising staff to ensure the alignment of College and Career Readiness
  • Contribute to a positive and productive tone while students transition in hallways via active monitoring of all BSA and The Door space, including regular walkthroughs of all spaces students occupy
  • Lead grade-wide trainings in a variety of topics, including national standards, lesson planning, data analysis, credit accumulation per grade, restorative conferencing, and college and career readiness
  • Collaborate with staff and faculty on grade-level and school-wide culture initiatives
  • Model school expectations for students and staff regarding the BSA Staff and Student Codes of Conduct
  • Support communication with students and families regarding all aspects of student life
  • Provide feedback to classroom teachers through a peer observation cycle in collaboration with instructional leads
  • Collaborate with AIDP team on a regular basis to monitor, report, and promote excellent student attendance
  • Support the adoption and enhancement of BSA student Code of Conduct
  • Responsible for school-wide discipline related issues such as restorative conferences, mediations, caregiver meetings, disciplinary hearings, in-school and out-of-school suspensions as needed
  • Implement and follow policies and procedures for behavior violations
  • Consistent and fair administration and tracking of student conduct and consequences
  • Collaborate with the instructional leadership team on classroom/ behavior management techniques for teachers
  • Collaborate with the Door to maintain a safe community during and after school
  • Assist in the supervision of arrival, lunch, and dismissal, including uniform and phone compliance
  • Undertake administrative and instructional duties as assigned
  • Other tasks and responsibilities as assigned


  • Relentless commitment to the academic success of all students and to the values and mission of Broome Street Academy
  • Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s degree preferred
  • Three or more years of experience as a teacher leader or Dean in an urban school
  • Two or more years of experience as a teacher in an urban school
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with peers, students, families, and partners
  • Bilingual (Spanish & English) preferred
  • Record of excellent attendance
  • Proven track record of supporting student success and mediating conflict
  • Stamina to handle long days and the intensity required to work in a high-performing charter school
  • A flexible thinker willing to do “whatever it takes”
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook and PowerSchool

Contact: Submit cover letter and resume to APPLY