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The following is the BSA Weekly Caregiver Newsletter for week of 11/16-11/20:


Announcement #1:                                Reminder: Virtual Caregiver-Teacher Conferences

There’s still time to schedule your caregiver-teacher conferences. While caregiver-teacher conferences are not mandatory, they are highly encouraged- especially if you have concerns about any of your child’s grades or progress.

Please fill out the link below indicating your child’s name and which of their teachers you would like to meet. You will be contacted by teachers individually to set up appointments at your convenience.

Caregiver phone conferences will occur:

  • Thursday, November 19th from 3pm to 6PM
  • Friday, November 20th from 10am to 3pm
  • Thursday, December 3rd from 1pm to 3pm
  • Friday, December 4th from 1pm to 4pm


If none of those times work, we would be happy to work with you to find an alternate time to connect you with your child’s teachers.

Google Form Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdzB2DMt85aby-mUk0YRbuB9wH6oSyxctrYfp-_mpSxM0fl1g/viewform?usp=sf_link


Announcement# 2:                                Athletics Update

At BSA we value student athletics and last year we added Volleyball and Flag Football to our existing program of boys and girls Basketball, Soccer and Track. We believe that being able to participate in team sports is a fundamentally important part of the student experience in high school for those interested. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has forced us off of the fields and courts that we frequently practiced and competed on around the city.

BSA’s Athletics program is currently suspended and is NOT operating, sanctioning or taking part in leagues or practices for ANY sport. We never started our athletics program this school year, including practices, because the leagues we participate in did not feel it was safe to do so. When we went remote on March 13, 2020, all athletics at BSA halted, and have remained on pause since that date.

BSA intends to resume athletics in the Spring, assuming that current COVID-19 safety restrictions are lifted, or modified to the point where we feel it is safe to participate in sports again. If we determine that it safe to resume practices, or other alternative sports programming prior to the Spring, we will notify caregivers in writing of the change via this newsletter.

Thank you for understanding, and please know that we will do everything we can to safely resume sports at BSA in the coming months.


Announcement # 3:                               November 2020 BSA Caregiver Survey: Panorama Education

BSA is now using Panorama Education to gather important student and caregiver opinions on how we operate remotely. Last week, we sent out our first caregiver survey using Panorama Education. To encourage participation in these surveys, all caregivers who participate in the survey each month will have their name placed in a drawing for a chance to win a $50 Amazon.com gift card. At least 25% of caregivers must participate for there to be a drawing. The deadline to complete the survey is November 25, 2020 and the drawing for the gift card will be held on December 2nd.

Please search your email inbox and Spam folders for an email from Panorama Education. BSA utilizes Panorama Education due to its highly secure network and analysis capabilities. Each caregiver has received a personalized link to the survey which cannot be shared with multiple caregivers. We encourage all caregivers to search their inboxes for this survey and mark Panorama Education as a “Known Sender” with the email provider. Thank you for your continued dedication to BSA!

Announcement# 4:                                Quarter 2 Has Started

Quarter 2 started on Monday, November 9th. This is the perfect time for you and your student to reach out to their teachers to ensure that they pass Quarter 2 and get their full credit for semester one. If your student failed Quarter 1, this is especially important because they will have to pass Quarter 2 with a specific score to have a passing average (65% and above) for the semester.

Additionally, caregiver conferences are still occurring for Quarter 1; please reach out to your student’s teachers. There is still time to ask the questions below as they transition to Quarter 2:

Have you emailed or reached out to your teachers if you are missing work or struggling with your assignments?

Asking these questions, among others, will make sure that you are your student are fully collaborating with their teachers to ensure academic success.

Mock 9th Grade Student Schedule

Many families have asked for a mock schedule that they can use to better track when their students should attend Zoom classes. Below is a mock 9th Grade schedule for core academic classes (ELA, math, history, and science) that most 9th Grade students follow (however, it will not apply to all 9th Graders). Your student should have the specific Zoom links for their classes; please reach out to their teacher if they do not. Schedules for 10th-12th Grade will follow next week.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
9:00 AM
10:00 AM Algebra 1 English 9 Algebra 1 English 9
12:00 PM Advocacy
1:00 PM Global 1

section 1

1:00 PM


Section 2

1:50 PM

Living Environment Global 1

section 1

1:00 PM


Section 2

1:50 PM

Living Environment
2:00 PM


For parents of students with IEPs

The Training Opportunities Program (TOP) is back remotely for the 2020-21 school year. This program provides students in high school with IEPs, paid internships, and work experiences. If your child previously participated in this program, Ms. Westbrooks and Ms. Bellony will reach out to help you re-enroll them for this school year. The deadline is December 7th, and this year for all students to re-enroll or enroll, they will then be entered into a lottery for the opportunity to work remotely this year.

If your child is 14 years old or older, has their working papers and an IEP, and you would like them to participate in this program, please email Ms. Westbrooks at dwestbrooks@broomestreetacademy.org.