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The following is the BSA Weekly Caregiver Newsletter for week of 3/22-3/26:

A Message from the Head of School

Dear Caregivers,

I am writing today with an update about BSA’s plans to welcome back students at BSA on April 19th.

BSA is registering students after we hear from each family, based upon their preferences.

Last week the team at BSA started personalized calls home to each family asking their preference in returning to school. These calls will continue all this week. So please answer or call us back if we have reached out.

If you would prefer to indicate your preferences in a survey please click here to answer the questions we are phoning you about.

If you would like to speak in person or have any questions, please email Mr. Peralta, BSA’s Caregiver Liaison, at JPeralta@Broomestreetacademy.org or call him at 646-581-2102.

Thanks for your support in helping us understand your preferences and serve BSA students.

Ms. Silberman

Announcement #1:                                In Case you Missed it!

BSA social media pages highlights people and events important to the BSA Community. Here is one of our most recent post below:

“Amanda Gorman shares her journey from being a student identified as having special needs to becoming a National Youth Poet Laureate and Inaugural poet.

In high school, Amanda’s teachers “encouraged students to go beyond basic regurgitation-based education practices and focus on tangible steps that center around creating meaning and doing” and noted, “her finals culminated in critical thinking, focusing on topics that included ways to change the world.” We applaud this cultural response and holistic approach to teaching.

Read the full interview here: https://bit.ly/2OEbvjQ