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The following is the BSA Weekly Caregiver Newsletter for week of 3/8-3/12:

Announcement #1:                                BSA Wellness Survey

Hello Caregivers, I hope this finds you well. The social work team will be sending around a brief wellness survey to the entire student body this week. Please encourage your BSA student to fill it out. The survey is confidential. Students should feel free to share how they are doing, and if they would like access to someone they can speak to about whatever stressors or concerns they have. If you ever need anything related to your BSA student’s mental health and wellbeing, please contact me.


Meredith Soffrin
Director of Social Work

Announcement #2:                                In Case you Missed it!

BSA social media pages highlights people and events important to the BSA Community. Here is our most recent post below:

“Throughout the history of the United States – or at least since the right to vote has been extended to young people, women, and communities of color – voter suppression attempts aimed at silencing their voices has been pervasive. Progress towards full participation in our electoral process has been halting and hard-won at every step, as the recent election demonstrated.

The work @staceyabrams has led in Georgia with @fairfightaction sheds light on how voter suppression strategies have evolved over the years. Fair Fight Action and organizations like it combat voter suppression in the courts while educating and mobilizing typically marginalized voters and advocating for progressive action on the issues that matter most to them.

In our Democracy, every voice matters, including yours. Speak up, take action, and keep your voter registration up to date!Thank you to @ohhappydani for the illustration.”

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