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The following is the BSA weekly caregiver newsletter for week of 9/21- 9/25:

Announcement #1:                                Student Guidelines for Digital Behavior

BSA has developed a comprehensive and supportive Code of Conduct that still applies to student behavior when operating remotely. Please click here for further information on our digital Code of Conduct.

Announcement # 2:                               BSA Remote Learning-Food Pickup Order Form

We will begin to offer pre-packaged Breakfast and Lunch for BSA students to pick up. Please click here or the link below to fill out the BSA student remote learning food order form. Note: Please submit survey before 8pm the day before you would like a meal from Broome Street Academy. All meals MUST be picked up at BSA.


Announcement #3:                                A message from the Director of Social Work

As always, and especially during this fragile time, Broome Street Academy values mental health. September is Suicide Awareness Month. This is a simple and vital reminder that if your student needs any support, please do not hesitate to reach out to me, Meredith Soffrin, Director of Social Work at msoffrin@broomestreetacademy.org

Announcement #4:                                Update on IEP Annual Review Meetings Fall 2020

Hello families! IEP meetings are beginning this coming week at Broome Street Academy. Therefore, please look out for a phone call from Ms. Westbrooks or one of your student’s special education teachers about their meeting date. Additionally, the DOE is emailing invitation dates to parents as well, so please check your email as well.

We look forward to working with you and your child to ensure their success this school year.