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The following is the BSA Weekly Caregiver Newsletter for week of 9/29-10/2:

Announcement #1:                                BSA Remote Instruction Update

Reminder: As we navigate the many challenges that COVID-19 presents, we have consistently sought to be transparent about our decision-making with all members of our academic community. Broome Street Academy has determined that we will continue to offer instruction on a 100% remote basis through December 31, 2020. Please see below for more information.


Announcement #2:                                Advocacy is happening on Zoom!

Advocacy is every Wednesday at 12pm with your student’s Champion Advocate in their designated zoom room listed on their Advocacy Google Classroom!  If your student’s Champion Advocate hasn’t reached out yet, they will soon. Please help remind your student to show up for their Advocacy and build community with their peers.

What are we trying to accomplish? During the once a week advocacy periods, Champion groups will focus on four distinct areas: Social Emotional Learning, Academics, Attendance, and School Culture. The purpose of advocacy is to foster relationships with our youth and provide a safe space where they can begin to explore topics and develop a sense of community within our school and with small groups and peers.

Why is this important? Setting aside dedicated advocacy time for staff and students helps to foster the growth on multiple levels. It allows for real discussions to take place rooted in our school goals: Equity and Social Justice, Restorative Justice, and Academic Rigor. Through our advocacy units we hope to gauge our students in a myriad of approaches and discussion techniques about their futures, academics, and support. Advocacy’s main goal is to support students and families while acting as an extra safety net that BSA has baked into its school culture.


Announcement #3:                                Virtual Caregiver Association Meeting, October 8

Interested in being an involved caregiver? Please join us on Thursday, October 8th for our Virtual Monthly Caregiver Association Meeting. We’ll discuss various topics as well as our goals for the upcoming BSA school year. Information on Zoom link will be sent out at a later date. Meeting will be held from 5:30-6:30pm.


Announcement #4:                                Update on IEP Annual Review Meetings Fall 2020

Hello again BSA families. If you are a parent of a student with an IEP, please check your email for an invitation to an information session about remote special education services on Monday, October 5th at 6 PM . The email will be sent this week.