The following is the BSA weekly caregiver newsletter for week of 4/13-4/17:

Announcement #1:       A message about Regents Exams from The BSA Leadership Team

Hello BSA Community,

You have probably seen the news that the State Education Department has canceled Regents Exams in response to the school closures that were put in place as a response to the COVID19 outbreak.  We want to take this opportunity to share what we know about this announcement, tell you what this means to students, and share what we are putting in place to ensure that BSA is providing a high caliber education remotely.

The most important takeaway from this policy from the State is that it is imperative that students engage in Edgenuity and keep up with their coursework.  With the elimination of the Regents Exams, the credits that students earn become the only measure the school can use to determine if a student should be promoted or is eligible to graduate.

What policy means for students:

  • It is essential that students pass Quarter 4 to be eligible for the following Regent exemptions
  • Students who have failed Quarter Three must also earn a 75 or greater in Quarter Four to ensure that they earn credit for the class and be eligible for Regents Exemption.
  • Students are currently in a class that ends in a Regents exam — if the student PASSES the class, the student will be exempt from the Regents exam.
  • Students who are currently in a class that ends in a Regents exam — if that student FAILS the class but then PASS the class during summer school, he or she will be exempt from the Regents exam.
  • Students previously PASSED a class that ended in a Regents exam BUT the student failed the Regents exam — if the student was eligible to RETAKE the Regents exam in June 2020, the student will be exempt from the Regents exam.

How BSA will support students in light of this policy:

  • BSA’s guidance staff will be reaching out by phone to impacted students this week and into next week to ensure that they understand what is expected of them and what they should expect.
  • BSA was founded with a deep belief in students and their ability to succeed.  We will continue to go forward with that belief and work to ensure that this policy enables student success in each possible case.

What Caregivers Can Do:

  • Encourage your student to engage in his or her course work.  We understand that it is a challenge to be in an online learning environment when most people learn best socially.  Please encourage them to stay engaged.
  • Sign up for updates on your child’s progress by sign up to be added to the Edgenuity Parent Portal.  Being added to the Parent Portal will give you access to reports that will tell you:
  • About your child’s progress in each class
  • How much time your child has spent on his or her classwork online
  • Upcoming due dates

To sign up, please fill out this form:

For more information on the Edgenuity Parent Portal please go here:

Thank you for all that you do.  Together, we can support students during these difficult times.

In solidarity,
Matt Molloy, Dean of Humanities

Conor Hale, Dean of STEM