The following is the BSA weekly caregiver newsletter for week of 4/6-4/10:

Announcement #1:       A message from The Broome Street Academy Leadership Team

Dear BSA Students & Families:

In keeping with our mission to provide multiple pathways to success through a curriculum of rigorous academic, career and social instruction, Broome Street Academy will remain open for online learning the week of April 13th-17th. This keeps us in compliance with the recommendations of the Governor and the State, while also keeping students connected to Edgenuity with full access to credit bearing coursework. In addition, students will be able to receive all mandated counseling sessions, where applicable.  During this week, students will have the chance to catch up on work. Additionally, students will have access to additional test prep and enrichment activities such as Virtual College Tours and Virtual Museum tours.

BSA will not be open on Thursday, April 9th and Friday, April 10th in observance of the religious holidays.

We encourage students to continue signing in daily to Edgenuity and making progress towards course completion. Teachers and administrators will be available throughout the week if you have any questions.

The Administrative Team


Announcement#2:          Academic Program Highlights from the BSA Leadership

I hope this message finds you all feeling well and in good spirits. I am so proud and humbled by all that we’ve managed to accomplish in such a short time. Our accomplishments would have been impossible without the dedication of BSA’s staff, the willingness, resilience, strength, and determination of the student body and the support of the Caregivers.

A few highlights about what has happened so far:

All students have access to Edgenuity, a rigorous online learning platform that BSA is using to provide a full curriculum while we are learning remotely. The same amount of credits and courses students were taking in school are being provided remotely. If you have questions about the curriculum, please contact Mr. Molloy and Mr. Hale at Academic Deans. ( ;

The Social Work Team and Outreach team continues to work hard at making contact with all caregivers and families to provide support. If you have questions or need support, please contact the Outreach Team. ( ;

As we go forward, there are a few messages that we want to share with you about academics:

The first and most important thing is that there is no guidance from the State about any changes in grading or promotion. It is fair to say that some fundamental expectations will remain even in this drastically changed world. Fundamentally, students will be in attendance and engage in the standard level work that is expected of them to be promoted to the next grade or graduate. Naturally, students want things to be the way they were or as close to being “normal” as possible. It is imperative and essential that we all help students understand they are responsible for the work in Edgenuity, to be present and in touch, and that BSA’s teachers are here to help them with the work in Edgenuity.

  • As of this date, the State has not made any statements about canceling the Regents Exams.
  • Attendance is taken as students log into Edgenuity. Student attendance is vital. Just logging in will allow a student to see messages from his or her teachers and see how much progress is expected of them.
  • Progress is important in Edgenuity. When your child logs in, he or she will see how much is expected of them between the time they have logged in and the end of the marking period.
  • There is not a time on task expectation for Edgenuity. The expectations are set up to be about completion and progress. We believe that is the best way to honor the fact that students need different amounts of time to complete various assignments and to respect all of the demands that are put on all of our time during this crisis.
  • The third quarter ends on April 8th. BSA will issue grades that include the work that was done at school until we closed on 3/13/2020 and the work that has been done in Edgenuity from 3/13-4/8.
  • BSA’s administration team is available and will be responsive to the email addresses shared above. We will also be available to “unlock” course work for students in Edgenuity as needed.  You can always email the general school email address to contact the school: 

We want to thank all of you for your support during this time. Caregivers and families have been fantastic about understanding this situation and supporting the best for the children they support. The teachers and staff at BSA have been equally amazing in their support and efforts to ensure that this is not a lost year, but a year of continued progress. We are all stronger together; thank you for standing with us.


Announcement #3:  Remote Learning Tips for Students with IEPs and English Language Learners

Hello again families, we are now in week 3 of our remote learning program. The Special Education Team would like to share the following tips to help you better support your child if they have an IEP.

  • Using color to draw out problems in math
  • Have your child rewrite notes on paper during instruction to increase retention
  • Get in touch with your teachers when students are struggling!  Don’t wait!
    • Remind App:
      • Download from the Apple App Store or Google Play or access via a computer at Once in the Remind platform, search for “Broome Street Academy Charter High School” and join our network.  You can find all teachers by searching for their last name or class name!
    • Help your child make a daily schedule!  Normalcy is key during these times. Each lesson takes around 50 minutes on Edgenuity.
    • has opened up over 1,000 free videos.  Just search the topic you child is studying!
    • Make certain things due at certain times of the day. Like- make due dates that are shorter so the assignments feel like less like ‘complete 3 questions in the next 15 minutes’
    • Bill Nye is very helpful for science if your child wants more support!!  You can find these videos on YouTube!
    • Please remember that your child’s social worker and/or speech therapist is trying to get in contact with you to deliver services to your child. Please check your email and phone.

BSA’s Special Education Team:

Carly Baumgarten (Geometry and Earth Science Special Educator)

Francine Bettencourt (Humanities Special Educator)

Brandon Boyd (SETSS and Humanities Special Educator)

Katherine Pile-Spellman (Humanities Special Educator)

Yesenia Santiago (ELL Educator)

Dafina Westbrooks (Director of Special Education)