Calendar & Weekly Happenings:
BSA Teacher & Team Appreciation Week: It’s teacher appreciation week! Tell your teachers and Deans how much they inspire you!

Monday 5/2:
School Closed – In Observance of Eid al-Fitr
Tuesday 5/3:
(ELA & Math) #7 Summative Assessment
AP Psych Testing
Anime Club
Wednesday 5/4:
AP Lit Testing
Advocacy “All School” Assembly via Zoom
African American & Latino Club
Thursday 5/5:
(Soc St. & Sci) #7 Summative Assessment
Operation Young Adult Club
Senior Planning Club
The Door Open Mic Night
Friday 5/6:
AP US History Testing
Half Day
College Friday
Field Trip – Statue of Liberty

Upcoming Post-Secondary Readiness Events:

Friday, May 6th is a College Friday:
Faculty and staff will represent their schools all
day. If you ask, they will share about their post-secondary paths and college experiences. Join
in on the excitement and wear a college shirt

College Trips:
May 12th: Trip to Kingsborough Community
College for those Juniors who want to learn
about the Culinary Program and other trade
programs at Kingsborough.
May 19th: Trip to Bronx Community College for
those Sophomore & Juniors who want to learn
about the Automotive Program.

Class of 2022:

SAVE THE DATE: Graduation will be on June 27th!
More information to follow.

A Note from Dean Westbrooks:
Hello BSA community, we would like to wish all who celebrated, a Happy Eid! Additionally, we invite you to join us in appreciating our teachers and staff during Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week 2022. We salute all they do to educate your children and enrich our community. Please feel free to email or call your child’s teacher along with BSA’s wonderful staff and tell them that their hard work is truly appreciated.

Student Voice Spotlight: Please enjoy this poem written by BSA’s Poet Laureate E.O. in honor of our teachers.
T for Teacher by E.O.:
teacher wakes up early
teacher brushes teeth
teacher makes sure the teeth are pearly
teacher finds clothes
teacher put on clothes
teacher makes sure the voice has a tone
teacher takes transportation
teacher listens to music
teacher likes to jam and tune in
teacher gets to school
teacher takes 11 hours to work
teacher stays calm
teacher is happy
teacher is proud
T for Teacher

Ms. Soffrin’s Self Care Tip of the Week:
Unplug from social media!

May 2022 Breakfast and Lunch Menu 

From our Partners at The Door: 

Pride season is almost upon us! And we definitely need to rep our pride with some t-shirts 🙂 We will be hosting a t-shirt design contest in Center Space next week Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday on a search for our 2022 Pride design. Join us from 3pm-5pm to work on your ideas and submit for the glory of being The Door’s official shirt designer (and the winner gets a gift card!). If you can’t make it to the
event, please email me your designs by Thursday, May 5th. The theme this year is Unapologetically Us, so start thinking about what direction you might like to go with your designs. We look forward to seeing you there!