Caregiver Involvement Association

Broome Street Academy believes that the presence of at least one parent or caregiver is essential to student success. Youth who have a connection with a family member or a supportive adult, have a greater chance of achieving academic success with educational and post-secondary goals.

BSA’s Caregiver Involvement Association (CIA), led by the Caregiver Coordinator and a board of dedicated caregivers, meets once a month to plan events and discuss how to support student growth and caregiver-student relationships. The CIA encourages all caregivers to get involved in the BSA community.

If you are interested in learning more about the association, please contact Jose Perlta at or at 212-453-0295.

BSA is proud to welcome Pichardo to our Board of Trustees as a Caregiver Representative!

BSA holds weekly information sessions to support enrollment. If you are interested, contact Angela Johnson at


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