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Greetings Broome Street Academy Community,

Congratulations on completing what has been an incredibly challenging year.  At the start of the school year in September none of us could’ve imagined that by June we would be learning and teaching remotely and witnessing one of the greatest social justice movements of our time. We graduated our Class of 2020 today and it was bittersweet. We couldn’t be together, and we wanted nothing more than to see our seniors march across a stage and flip their tassels at the end of a traditional in-person ceremony. Still, we achieved one of the highest graduation rates in the school’s history in the middle of a historic crisis.

Our BSA graduates are moving on to change the world by pursuing higher education, diverse entrepreneurial visions and ambitious career goals. Our students are committed to making history, not to being passive spectators.

We wanted to let you know at Broome Street Academy we are thinking about the future carefully to adapt to these unprecedented circumstances. Below are a few descriptions of our efforts to continue to support our entire school community and move ahead with confidence, while keeping everyone safe.

Physical space 

Our leadership team is participating in safety planning with our partner, The Door given that, as you know, Broome Street Academy is co-located within their headquarters at 555 Broome Street. This spring, a committee was formed to prepare for the return to the physical premises in the fall.  This committee is adhering to guidance from the CDC and will have a very strenuous wellness policy for all people entering the building. We will share our safety policy long before we return.  While the policy is not final, it will likely include all people in the building needing to remain masked the entire day, enhanced disinfecting protocols, and temperature checks upon entry. As of now, the physical campus is closed through the summer, and only essential employees are allowed into the building.

Will we go back to school in September? 

There are three different scenarios Broome Street Academy is preparing for:

  1. We go back to school in September with new safety rules in place.
  2. We do not go back to school in September, and we remain remote with additional supports.
  3. There is a hybrid model where your child is in school some days of the week and home learning remotely the remainder of the week.


We do not yet know which scenario will be in place, and we are anticipating guidance from New York State soon on what will be permissible, however we are preparing for all possibilities. As a high school serving older students we have greater flexibility than others, but no matter what we do it will be with safety and academic rigor at the forefront.


How can we help you right now?

  • Broome St., Academy is running a full remote summer school, and if your child has been scheduled, this is a mandatory program to help students get on track and gain promotion.
  • Incoming 9th graders will have a six-week summer bridge experience that is mandatory for incoming 9th graders, and will meet remotely.
  • All BSA students are members of The Door. The Door is offering many services in a safe setting such as meal pick up, arts and crafts, healthcare appointments, tele-health, and social work visits.  If your child is interested in any of those services, please contact Broome Street Academy and we will be happy to assist you in facilitating a connection to The Door.

We will stay in close touch through the summer

  • We will send an update email to families the week of July 15.  By then, we are hoping state guidance will permit us to announce our specific plans for a full re-opening in detail.
  • If there are no new updates from the state by July 15 we will still outreach the community so that everyone is on the same page.

BSA was prepared and fully operational remotely from day-one of the COVID-19 school closings and we were able to provide over one hundred students with devices for remote learning in the weeks to follow. Being a public charter school we were able to be nimble and make critical decisions quickly. We always acted with our students and their caregivers as our north star.

Before the crisis we had new Advanced Placement courses for all eligible students, an SAT course preparing students to get ready to apply for college, active school clubs including one started by a student called “Future Doctors” and very competitive sports teams including a championship basketball team. We are feeling confident as we go into the new school year that we can meet whatever challenge our community will face.

If you have any questions or require any additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Jose Peralta, our Caregiver Liaison. Jperalta@BroomestreetAcademy.org.

We wish the entire student community and their caregivers a peaceful, restorative and healthy summer!

Warm regards,

Melissa Silberman
Head of School