The Door is an unparalleled model for youth development, offering a comprehensive range of integrated services within a single site for nearly 11,000 New York City youth each year. Our mission is to empower young adults to reach their full potential by providing comprehensive youth development services in a diverse and caring environment. At The Door, youth can access health care and education, mental health counseling and crisis assistance, legal assistance, college preparation services, career development, housing supports, arts, sports and recreational activities, and nutritious meals – all for free and under one roof. By providing participants with our suite of integrated services, we seek to provide any motivated young person with the tools, resources, and opportunities needed to successfully transition to adulthood.

Broome Street Academy (BSA) is our on-site tuition-free public charter high school devoted to providing students the necessary skills and support to graduate prepared for a successful future beyond high school. Together, The Door and Broome Street Academy are implementing a Community Schools initiative to develop and implement sustainable best practices for improved student attendance and academic success, student and caregiver engagement, and academic achievement.

The SYEP Program Coordinator is a Door employee 100% dedicated to BSA students serving as part of an inter-disciplinary team of staff from both organizations.

Program Coordinator