Overview: The Broome Street Academy Charter High School will prepare our young people for post-secondary success that leads to positive life outcomes. We value student strengths and will provide multiple pathways to success through a curriculum of rigorous academic, career and social instruction grounded in the principles of positive youth development.

Broome Street Academy values:

  • The development of individual student strengths
  • Caregiver involvement
  • A learning environment that fosters mutual respect
  • A safe, supportive school climate
  • Standards-based curriculum that is relevant
  • Student learning that is meaningful and goal oriented
  • Development of and respect for community partnerships
  • Healthy social and emotional relationships.


  • Provide individual and group counseling and case management for grades 9 – 12
  • Prepare all treatment plans and case notes
  • Provide mandated counseling for students with Individualized Education Plans and adhere to the goals therein
  • Attend all IEP meetings for students on caseload
  • Serve as part of a front line crisis team to respond to all mental health and behavioral crisis in the building in close coordination with the Dean’s team
  • Follow crisis situations from beginning to end, maintaining constant supervision of student experiencing a crisis in the building
  • Thoroughly assess students for suicidal ideation, homicidal ideation, and other risk factors per SW department “Policies and Procedures on Risk”
  • Evaluate the total scope of the student for family therapeutic referrals and follow-up
  • Develop and facilitate support groups for diverse adolescent populations and caregivers
  • Maintain effective communication and rapport with students, staff, and caregivers
  • Work with teachers to address the individual needs of students
  • Supervise large and small groups of students inside and outside of the classroom, including hallways
  • Keep students on task and give feedback about performance during sessions
  • Attend after school activities and yearly trips
  • Confer with caregivers and outside agencies as needed around issues related to the functioning of youth
  • Attend Caregiver meetings
  • Collaborate closely on treatment planning, goals, and approaches with The Door’s Counseling Center for students who utilize those services and also receive IEP-mandated counseling in school
  • Supervise social work interns and complete SIFI training
  • Perform other duties assigned as a member of the BSA community


  • MSW degree required
  • Three years+ of clinical experience in mental health or school setting preferred
  • Ability to engage and diffuse crisis situations
  • Ability to work effectively with adolescents, families, professionals and other personnel from a wide range of cultural, social and economic backgrounds.
  • Experience with time-limited treatment approaches preferred
  • Experience with treating adolescents preferred
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish) preferred

Full time

Contact: Submit cover letter and resume to APPLY