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Dear BSA Community,

We are writing with a few quick updates on our return to school in September.

All plans have not been finalized yet- but are in progress and under extensive review. All NYC schools included BSA, remain dependent on state and city guidance, which has only recently started to be disseminated.

BSA has been carefully and proactively creating a return to school plan for the last six weeks. On July 16th, NYS Department of Education issued substantial new guidance for schools to factor in to its plans and we are working to address these additional measures. As of now we have been asked to submit a plan on returning to school due to our authorizer and the NYC Department of Health on 7/31.

Our return plan includes the following features which would all need to be approved by the state:

  • Students come to BSA one day a week and stay home and learn remotely the remaining days.
  • If there is an approved physical return to school, face masks will be mandatory and required all day.
  • Health screening, including temperature checks for all students and faculty, will occur daily and be required for entry on the campus.
  • BSA educational spaces will be thoroughly sanitized nightly with electrostatic sprayers and traditional disinfectants.
  • BSA will be limiting student travel around the campus throughout the school day.
  • All students who do not wish to come to campus are approved to stay home and learn remotely full time (pending government approval).
  • For families of students with IEP’s, BSA will follow state guidelines for providing mandated support.

We look forward to sharing additional guidance and details on process as soon as they become available. We appreciate your patience during this unusual time and we remain committed to supporting the


BSA Leadership