Why Work at BSA?

We are lucky to have a stellar team of educators, youth workers, and leaders who care about our mission and our students.  We believe in hard work and we believe in our students’ success. We’re a small community, but a close-knit, supportive one. Take a look at some of our Teacher Testimonials below and if you want to be a part of BSA, please visit our Jobs Openings.

The school community feels so personal. I know my students on a level that wouldn’t be possible in a different school. My classes are a reasonable size, which allows me time with each individual student every day. The students are eager to share and to get to know their teachers as well – I feel so accepted by the kids! The relationships I am building are special to me and keep me excited to come to work each day.

Ms. Kennelly

I work at BSA because this is a family. The teachers, the students, the administration, they all work together to create the best environment for the kids. I love working here because the relationships that can be built in the small school setting.

Mr. Hellman

I work at BSA because three years ago I could see the potential work that could be done to benefit a very deserving population of young people that have so much to offer our society. They just needed the right group of professionals to get them to reach their full potential. I am very fortunate to be a part of something so special.

Ms. Shervington

To work at a school that is being shaped from the ground up to meet a specific populations’ educational, mental, social and emotional needs is a social worker’s dream! It’s been an amazing experience to see this holistic approach to education come to life!

Ms. Gheith

I work at BSA to provide young people with opportunities to be successful – and BSA makes it possible.

Mr. Kropa